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Cheap California Home Owners Insurance Quotes

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Buying a home is one of the single largest investments that most people ever make. If you need to protect that investment, your main line of defence is homeowners insurance. Most standard california homeowners insurance policies will provide coverage for damage to your home (and many of the items in your home) caused by: Theft, Fire and lightning, Smoke, Frozen pipes, Ice and snow, Homeowners insurance also provides coverage for liability claims, medical payments to third parties, and legal costs if a lawsuit is brought against you. The most common amount of liability coverage included in a homeowners policy is $100,000, but you may need much more, depending on your circumstances. Read your california homeowners insurance policy to find out exactly what is and is not covered. Do this before you suffer a loss, so you won't be surprised. We have assembled some of the finest and cheapest resources for California Homeowners Insurance. The process is simple - answer just a few questions and get cheap California Homeowners Insurance Quotes from several leading and reputed insurance companies for the entire state of California.

Cheap California Homeowners Insurance Quotes

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Cheap California Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Cheap California Homeowners Insurance Quotes

California Homeowners Insurance Update

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What Is Covered By California Homeowners Insurance?
The california homeowners policy contains two sections. Section I provides property coverages (A, B, C and D) while Section II provides liability coverages (E and F). A brief description of the individual coverages follows:
Coverage A - Dwelling
Coverage B - Other Structures
Coverage C - Personal Property
Coverage D - Loss of Use
Coverage E - Personal Liability
Coverage F - Medical Payments to Others

Coverage A - Dwelling
Coverage A provides major property coverage that protects your house and attached structures if it is damaged by a covered peril.
Coverage B - Other Structures
This coverage provides protections to other structures on the residence premises that are not attached to the dwelling. Items covered include detached garages, tool sheds, etc. Coverage B is normally limited to 10% of the coverage A limit. However, you may purchase more coverage for an additional premium.
Coverage C - Personal Property
This coverage provides protection for the contents of your home and other personal belongings owned by you and other family members who live with you. Coverage C is normally 50% of coverage A or is subject to an established amount agreed upon by you and the insurance company.
Coverage is limited on certain types of property that are especially susceptible to loss, such as:
Fine Arts
Additional amounts of insurance may be purchased. You may want to consider scheduling these items separately. Ask your agent for specifics.
Coverage D - Loss of Use
This coverage will help with additional living expenses if your home is damaged by a peril insured against to the extent that you cannot live in your home. These expenses include, but are not limited to, housing, meals and warehouse storage. Coverage D is normally limited to 20 percent of Coverage A.
Coverage E - Personal Liability
This section of the homeowners policy will provide coverage in the event you or a resident of your household are legally responsible for injury to others. Coverage E normally provides a defense and will pay damages, as the insurance company deems appropriate. There are some exceptions. The liability coverage will not protect you in all situations, such as an intentional act. All of the exclusions and specific language can be found in your policy.

Source: California Department of Insurance

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Coverage F - Medical Payments to Others
This coverage under a california home owners insurance policy pays for reasonable medical expenses for persons accidentally injured on your property. For example, if a neighbor's child is injured while playing in your home, the medical payments portion of your homeowner's policy may pay for necessary medical expenses. medical payments coverage does not apply to your injuries or injuries of those who reside in your household. It is not a substitute for health insurance. Business activities are also excluded. All of the exclusions and specific language can be found in your policy.
Perils Generally Covered by a Homeowners Policy if Damage is caused by:
Fire or lighting
Windstorm or hail
Riot or civil commotion
Vandalism & malicious mischief
Volcanic eruption
Falling objects
Weight of ice, snow, sleet
Sudden & accidental water damage
Breakage of glass
Perils Generally not covered by a Homeowners Policy if Damage is caused by:
Earth movement
Insects, rats or mice
Water damage cause by seepage or leaks
Losses to house vacant for 60 days or more
Wear and tear or maintenance
Tidal wave
Nuclear hazard
Important: Read exclusions in your insurance contract.
Earthquake, flood, mold, earth movement, and "wear and tear" are some of the perils that are usually excluded. When an insurer writes your homeowners coverage, the insurer is legally obligated to offer you earthquake coverage for an additional premium. The earthquake coverage may be written directly by the homeowner's insurer, by a separate insurer, or through the California Earthquake Authority (CEA).
You may elect to buy specialized homeowners coverage that provides additional protection for your dwelling and contents beyond the standard coverage limitations in most homeowner's policies. Ask your insurance agent or broker about available endorsements to extend coverage. Endorsements to coverage such as building code upgrade can greatly add to your protection in a loss.

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